Paul R. Bernstein, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.

"Dr. Paul"

We created the Bernstein Center in the year 2000. The Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of oculomotor, accommodative, and binocular vision problems as well as strabismus, amblyopia, visual perceptual deficits, visual motor planning issues, visual rehabilitation and sports vision enhancement. We also prescribe traditional optometric treatments (glasses, contact lenses, vision aids) as they relate to the remediation of the aforementioned visual deficits.

I am a developmental optometrist (also referred to as a behavioral optometrist) - an optometrist who has advanced training and been Board Certified to provide Vision Therapy services. Our primary goal at The Center is to help our patients (and their family) identify and understand their vision problems - set realistic goals and expectations - and provide the services or referrals necessary to achieve these goals.

I was born in Mt. Vernon, NY, and then moved to Rye Brook, NY where I attended Ridge Street Elementary School and Blind Brook High School. I received my undergraduate education at Franklin and Marshall College, and ultimately, attained the degree of "Doctor of Optometry" from S.U.N.Y. - State College of Optometry.

My passion for health care came early - working for my father in the office during high school - and then as an EMT while I was in college. After driving an ambulance in Yonkers for a year, I was highly motivated to return to school and aggressively pursue my optometric education!

Using vision therapy to enhance sports performance is one of my special interests - I played baseball in college and also had tryouts with both the NY Yankees and NY Mets organizations. My wife and two daughters share my life-long love for sports - now it's skiing, soccer, golf, sailing, baseball...

At the Bernstein Center I am directly involved in all aspects of vision care - testing, case presentation (discussing test findings/vision problems with patients and/or parents) - and providing the vision therapy. Many vision problems are difficult to detect, and when overlooked they prevent people (children in particular) from achieving their full potential in academic, athletic, and social pursuits.

The goal of helping patients achieve to their full potential is what motivated me to found the Bernstein Center for Visual Performance. If we (my staff or I) can help you improve your vision in any way - or if you just have questions about a potential visual problem - please get in touch.

Dr. Paul

Education and professional credentials

  • Doctor of Optometry - 1987 S.U.N.Y. , State College of Optometry
  • Board Certified in Vision Development
  • Fellow - College of Optometrists in Vision Development
  • Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor - S.U.N.Y, State College of Optometry
  • Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor - Southern College of Optometry
  • BA - Franklin & Marshall College - Biology / Pre Med