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Susan Barry's book on vision.

Neurobiologist Susan Barry finally found her 3-D vision at age 48 - with the help of vision therapy.

She's published a new book about her journey - 3 surgeries as a child fixed her cross eye - but not her vision - experts told her "that's just the way it is" - adults can't change their vision.

Susan Barry did - with Dr. Theresa Ruggiero, a developmental optometrist located in Northampton, MA.

Listen Susan's NPR radio interview      


The Mislabeled Child

This landmark work by Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide provide essential insights into the challenges which keep children from learning to their full potential.


Larry Fitzgerald speaks out on Vision Therapy

The Arizona Cardinal star receiver credits his grandfather and aunt for diagnosing and treating a binocular vision problem he had as a child. His aunt used vision therapy to get Larry's vision on track.

And the wide receiver is not just stopping there - he's joining a national network of optometric physicians to help spread the word.

"Parents don't realize that you need over 17 visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, sports, and in life. Seeing '20/20' is just one of those visual skills," says Fitzgerald.


JULY - 2009 - Suny Externships

The Bernstein Center for Visual Performance was named one of only 3 locations for optometric externships by SUNY. The State University of New York - College of Optometry recently announced the appointment.


Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke

TBI and stroke are among the leading causes of acute and chronic disability in this country. TBI occurs in more than 500,000 individuals in the United States every year and may result from such causes as motor vehicle accidents, falls, bicycle accidents, and other traumatic injuries.