Conditions and Symptoms Overview

The wide range of symptoms and conditions for many common visual performance problems are summarized below.

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It is not unusual for patients to have several different problems (an eye focusing AND eye movement problem, for example). Each individual is evaluated using our one-hour Comprehensive Vision Evaluation - conducted by one of our behavioral optometrists.

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Moves head excessively when reading, reads slowly, uses finger to keep place, short attention span (more) Eye Movement Problems - Inability to smoothly and accuraely move the eyes from one target to another.
Holds things very close, blurred vision, headaches, reads only for a short time, slow copying skills (more) Eye Focusing Problems - Inability to easily refocus eyes, or maintain clear focus, particularly up close.
Blurred Vision, Double Vision, Eyestrain or Eye Ache, Decreased reading comprehensionl (more) Eye Teaming Problems - Inability of both eyes to work together to process visual images properly.
Trouble telling left from right, letter and word reversals, motor planning deficits (more) Perceptual Problems - Mimic sypmtoms of ADD / ADHD - but are binocular vision problems...
Difficult for parents to detect, infant may cry when one eye is covered, or favor one side (more) Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) - Vision-Neuro interface rejects the image from the lazy eye.
Eye turns in, out, up, or down. Appearance problem and a vision problem. Mild forms hard to detect (more) Strabismus (Cross Eye, Wall Eye, Wandering Eye) - eye alignment problem - mild to severe.
Kids with coordination problems, athletes of allages wishing to improve performance (more) Sports Enhancement - Uses comprehensive vision evaluation to identify sports related vision problems
Strokes, ABI's, and TBI's cause significant binocular vision problems (more) Post TBI, Stroke - Diagnosis and treatment of vision disorders from stroke, ABI, TBI
Headache, unusual fatigue after computer use, Eye Strain, distance blur (more) Computer Vision Syndrome - Acquired condition from heavy computer usage