Age Six - Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) - Home Eye Exercises Failed...

Melissa's Son, Age 6, Lazy Eye, Amblyopia

"My 6 year old son was diagnosed with a lazy eye. Initially, home eye exercises were tried but the regime was not effective.

I discovered the Bernstein Center for Visual Performance and was educated on the exact challenges my son had and future issues that would develop.

It was clearly evident that in-office vision therapy twice a week, coupled with a variety of consistent home eye exercises, were the right course of action.

Now having completed the program, I must say that I am thrilled. My son has made so much progress - it is incredible.

He has retrained his eyes and the results are incredible and empowering for him. I feel that this was an extremely important step to set the best foundation for his education, self confidence, and learning.

Furthermore, he so enjoyed coming to vision therapy, it was like an activity or playdate!


BERNSTEIN CENTER COMMENTS: People often confuse amblyopia (lazy eye) with wandering eye (strabismus). Strabismus refers to the actual physical "turning" of the eye - while Amblyopia refers to one (or both) of the eyes receiving and ignoring a blurred image.

In the case of Melissa's son - this was a true case of Amblyopia - and home treatment by itself did not help correct the problem. Unsuccessful home therapy is common. Supervised vision therapy sessions help focus all corrective activities (home and in vision therapy classes) to provide optimum results.