Louise's Daughter, 3rd Grade, Eye Teaming Problem, Convergence Excess

Last year was a diffult one for my daugher. Homework seemed to take forever. She had at least 3 tantrums a week.

By April we were happy to be able to get her to go to school - all this for a bright, active, caring 3rd grader. It didn't make sense.

We worked with Dr. Ira and Dr. Paul from April to October. Recently we visited for our 3 month check.

At this point, our daughter is really a different person. She is happy at school, loves her teacher, and there are no more tantrums.

She takes the initiave to get her homework done and asks for assistance when she needs it. She is fully engaged and participating at a level in line with her abilities.

It's a joy and relief.


BERNSTEIN CENTER COMMENTS: Louise's daughter had an eye teaming problem called convergence excess. When your eyes look toward objects close at hand (like a book) they naturally turn inward a slight bit in order to see the image clearly.

Covergence excess occurs when the eyes turn too much. If the eye do not turn in enough - it's called convergence insufficiency.

Both eye must also work together as a "team" to correctly see the final image (this is called binocularity) - this allows us to see in "3-D" and judge distance between objects far and near.

Convergence problems or binocularity problems will make reading difficult, inhibit the ability to concentrate on close tasks such as writing, and also affect coordination in sports, play, and outside activities.

Both conditions are treated with vision therapy.